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  • Buzzcuts, Pompadours, Man Buns … A Look at Hairstyles through the Years that Make the Most of your Height (and a Few to Avoid)

    There’s always a lot of fuss over the different hairstyles that have been popular over the years. A surprising number of styles can still work their magic in the modern day. In fact, did you know choosing the right style can affect how tall you look?  The right style can maximize precious inches for shorter guys, or temper height for the tallest guys [...]

  • NEW Stuff, & WIN Stuff, & FREE Stuff, Oh My!

    Welcome Fall.  To Summer, I guess we say, "Bye, Felicia." Allright, I guess it doesn't have to be all bad!  Here at FORtheFIT we've come up with some fun ways to bid Summer farewell, and usher in the Fall Festivities... staring with a few gifts for YOU! Read on for details on.. - [...]


  • Annual Gift Guide for Tall & Short Men – 2018

    Welcome to our annual rundown of the must-have style essentials for this festive season. These hot picks feature something to gift ALL the tall and short men in your life (hey, perhaps even a well-earned treat for yourself!). Happy Shopping! Flannel Men's Pajama Bottoms - Green and Blue [...]


  • A Touch of the Englishman – the Quintessential Guide to Dressing ‘Proper’

    What springs to mind when we think of tea, cake and queuing? That’s right, the English. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading across the sea for a visit, or bringing British style to your closet. The English have a distinctive style you’ll love. They may not make much of it, but ‘properness’ is a big [...]


  • How To Put Together A Minimalist Travel Wardrobe

    Finally, is it time for that weekend away? Have you managed to catch a long holiday? Sneaking away for Spring Break? We all look forward to the day when we can pack our bag and head off the beaten track – or onto it along with all the other people travelling at this hour! Whatever [...]


  • Annual Gift Guide 2017

    Welcome to the FORtheFIT Annual Gift Guide 2017 - Our festive rundown of those great fitting must-have items for ALL the men in your life (or even just a well-earned treat for yourself - we won’t tell!). This years’ edition features luxuriously comfortable casual wear, effortlessly cool and crisp button-downs, and a solution for [...]


  • It’s Easter Weekend! Getting dressed should be easy (leave the hunting to the kids!)

    Spring is here, flowers are blooming, lambs are leaping and BBQs are being fired up. Along with sunnier days, Spring comes complete with a whole host of social events from Easter brunch to Bridal Showers (yup’ it’s that time again...) and we thought it might be helpful to review the best looks for each occasion. [...]


  • It’s Mother’s Day! Dress to impress…it’s a gift in itself

    Let’s face it, there’s zero chance your worried about “what would Mom say?” when you’re scrambling to get dressed and out the door each morning.  Not since you were 7, anyway. Besides, she raised you well, and you know how to put together an “appropriate” outfit for whatever you’re doing that day. But if there’s [...]


  • 11 awesome holiday gift ideas for the terrific men in your life

      Wow, is it really that time of year again? How did that happen? Every year, Christmas seems to creep up on us like some sort of majestic and festive cougar. I mean, wasn’t it just Halloween a minute ago? Talk about being blind-sided. Thankfully, Christmas is a time for love and forgiveness, so our [...]


  • Kick up your style: 11 Must Have Accessories

      It's easy to get carried away looking for the shirt that will stand out, or the jeans that will fit best. But what about the accessories? The word accessory is usually associated with women's fashion, but it's just as important for men, and there are one or two items that you don't normally give [...]


  • Golfing? How to get your wardrobe up to par… without breaking the bank

      What comes to mind when we say the word “Golf”? Sunny courses, lunch at the clubhouse…and fantastic style. When it comes to Golf, it’s as much about what you wear on the course, as it is about what you do on the course. However, it can feel like there is an unspoken rule that [...]


  • The 8 Articles of Clothing Every Man Needs in his Closet

    Practicality is the secret to men’s style. Fashions come and go, but certain items can last you all year round, whatever the weather, whatever the occasion. There are so many clothes to choose from in men's fashion these days. However, there are a few classics that never ever go out of style. 1. Blazer Here's [...]