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    If you're taller than the average guy- you’re probably sick of buying clothes a few sizes too big for you just to get the length you need. After all, that’s probably what brought you here, to ForTheFit.com- we can help with that! But, while buying great fitting clothes is a perfect place to start, you [...]


  • Deconstructing Jeans: Fit, Cuts, & terms to know

    Do you struggle to find a pair of jeans that fits properly? I know the feeling. Hand sanded, Acid wash, tapered cut, regular fit or slim or trim or tailored... – what does it all mean? When I started this business over a decade ago, much of it was knew to me too- a foreign [...]


  • The MANual: How to Tie Your Tie for a Dapper Valentine’s Evening

    Treating your loved one to a fancy meal out this Valentine’s Day? Naturally, you’ll want to be dressed to impress – and for guys, that usually means wearing a sharp suit, finished off with a smart tie. But do you know the best way to wear your tie? If you’re still relying on the method [...]


  • FORtheFIT.com’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014 (& BONUS “Guy’d” to Holiday Cheer!)

    So, the festive season is upon us.  After weeks of holiday parties, cocktail hours & lots of web browsing and window shopping, millions dash madly from store to store on Christmas Eve, nearly tearing their hair out as they realize the only option gift options left are on shelf at the gas station on the [...]


  • How To Measure Your Man – Answers To Tricky Questions

    Taking measurements is a fairly simple process - a soft measuring tape and some basic instructions is all you need. But, measuring the man in your life requires a little more... Specifically, more permission and perhaps more convincing... So with that in mind, here are a few helpful answers to the inevitable questions that you [...]