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  • Ready. Set. Holiday Shopping starts NOW (b/c EASY Holiday Returns Start EARLY this Year!)

    10Our holiday returns policy kicks in October 1st again this year. 2020 was nothing if not full of uncertainties. 2021 has been... well... much the...
  • Make Seasons Bright... Easy Holiday Returns Start Early this Year

    Our holiday returns policy kicks in October 1st this year. 2020 has been nothing if not full of uncertainties due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. We know that many of you will be shopping earlier than ever this year to ensure you have your favorite gifts for your loved ones and avoid the dreaded "sold-out" sign.  So, we've updated our already generous holiday return policy to meet these very special 2020 needs [...]


  • How to Find Jeans that FIT

    When don't you wear jeans? Most of us live in jeans and every other type of pants is for "special occasions". Jeans are versatile and also extremely comfortable- if you've picked the right pair.  For many of us, in particular tall and short men, finding a pair of well-fitting jeans is hard- but we can help you find the perfect pair to FIT[...]


  • Buzzcuts, Pompadours, Man Buns … A Look at Hairstyles through the Years that Make the Most of your Height (and a Few to Avoid)

    There’s always a lot of fuss over the different hairstyles that have been popular over the years. A surprising number of styles can still work their magic in the modern day. In fact, did you know choosing the right style can affect how tall you look?  The right style can maximize precious inches for shorter guys, or temper height for the tallest guys [...]

  • June is National “Short Men of Style” Month and We salute you!

    Did you know that June is the shortest month of the year? It is for us. Since 2005, has been the proud founder and sponsor of "National Short Men of Style Month." Every year, during the month of June, we celebrate stylish, shorter men everywhere with: Our exclusive Annual Clearance event to share the [...]

  • A Few of Our Testimonials

    Testimonials and Customer Feedback: Nothing makes our day more than hearing from delighted customers!  It is our pleasure to serve you- so we're thrilled to hear we've done it well! Read on to hear directly from our satisfied customers why it is they consider FORtheFIT the premier source of quality tall and short men's clothing.

  • NEW Stuff, & WIN Stuff, & FREE Stuff, Oh My!

    Welcome Fall.  To Summer, I guess we say, "Bye, Felicia." Allright, I guess it doesn't have to be all bad!  Here at FORtheFIT we've come up with some fun ways to bid Summer farewell, and usher in the Fall Festivities... staring with a few gifts for YOU! Read on for details on.. - [...]


  • If The Sock Fits… The Do’s and Don’ts of this highly Misunderstood Men’s Accessory

    Most men don't often give much thought to their hosiery purchases, until of course it's halfway through some insufferable meeting and you notice your socks are slipping and your feet hurt from the misplaced seams- or perhaps on a walk, when you stop to adjust your socks every few steps. Sound familiar? Then read on! [...]

  • Dress To Impress: What To Wear For Your Valentine’s Date

    So, you’ve got a hot date lined up for this Valentine’s Day? Kudos. If you want to impress the apple of your eye, then you’ll need to look your best – which means sharp tailoring and great-fitting clothes. To offer a helping hand, we’ve rounded up the hottest wardrobe pieces that will ensure you make [...]

  • Annual Gift Guide for Tall & Short Men – 2018

    Welcome to our annual rundown of the must-have style essentials for this festive season. These hot picks feature something to gift ALL the tall and short men in your life (hey, perhaps even a well-earned treat for yourself!). Happy Shopping! Flannel Men's Pajama Bottoms - Green and Blue [...]


  • Low Rise Vs Short Rise Trousers – What’s The Difference?

    I get this question (or some version of it) all the time: I bought low-rise jeans and they were HUGE on my waist- I measured them and they were INCHES bigger than the labeled size. What gives? and why should I consider short rise, then anyway? So I figured now would be as good a [...]


  • A Touch of the Englishman – the Quintessential Guide to Dressing ‘Proper’

    What springs to mind when we think of tea, cake and queuing? That’s right, the English. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading across the sea for a visit, or bringing British style to your closet. The English have a distinctive style you’ll love. They may not make much of it, but ‘properness’ is a big [...]