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One of the great things about running a successful business is that it provides opportunities for community involvement.  At FORtheFIT.com, it is our pleasure and and honor to support a variety of charitable causes that benefit the communities we serve.

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We all make mistakes, but at     FORtheFIT we believe in lemonade! Our inevitable blunders can and should serve local communities. How? When we order too much stock or order the wrong sizes, styles or colors, we prefer to donate that surplus inventory. This could be to those in need or to organizations who can sell the merchandise and use the proceeds to provide food, shelter and basic necessities for the less fortunate people in our nation’s communities. We particularly enjoy donating to Goodwill, as they are well known for their ability to create jobs and opportunities for people that may need a little extra help.

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Since 2013, when we sponsored a one-day donation drive, we donate a portion of our gross income to Homes for our Troops during Military Holidays such as Veteran’s Day and the Memorial Day Weekend. We’ve enjoyed our involvement so much that in 2014 we decided we would donate the whole week’s worth of sales revenue leading up to future Holidays.  Home for our Troops use these donations to build homes for wounded and disabled veterans, who then receive the home free of charge. Each home is specially-designed and built to meet the unique requirements of the veteran. Although there are many excellent military charities, Homes for our Troops is one of the most highly rated by Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

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As styles and seasons change, so does our inventory. What should you do with overstock and excess seasonal inventory?  Many companites simply destroy it- a huge waste with so many in need.  At FORtheFIT, we would rather use it for social good and to positively affect the largest number of people possible. This is why we donate a portion to the Salvation Army, who much like Goodwill, sells surplus clothing to generate funds that help those in need.  The Salvation Army does a critical job in supporting communities throughout the US, providing meals, emergency assistance and support for those who require it the most.

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Magic Curtain Productions is East Orlando’s premiere community theater, focusing on programs in theatre arts for young people, scholarships, and community outreach.  At FORtheFIT, we’re passionate about the arts and our local community, which is why our C.E.O has personally volunteered her time at the theatre since 2012, and FORtheFIT has been a financial sponsor since the 2014/2015 season. In 2016, we became MCP’s largest annual, individual sponsor and we maintain that support, year over year.

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Whether it was 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, 2013’s Tornado Relief in Oklahoma or another tragedy, whenever there is a natural disaster, it’s incumbent on all of us to pitch in and help out.  When these events occur, FORtheFIT helps by donating to the Red Cross, either directly , or as a portion of gross sales. Whenever a disaster strikes, The American Red Cross is there to help, providing food, shelter and helping with recovery. The Red Cross support communities affected for as long as it takes and help them to rebuild their community.

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