About Us

Stylish, well-fitting, comfortable clothes inspire confidence. For the Fit, Inc. was founded by a couple of folks who recognized that not everyone had equal access to such clothes.


We found that for those who are not an “average size” (and who is?) shopping was a chore and often fruitless. How did we figure this out? We’re not average sizes ourselves and we got tired of running from store to store, only to wind up at the tailor for alterations anyway. So, we launched ForTheFit.com.

At For the Fit, Inc., we design and manufacture premium quality, high style, reasonably priced apparel in the widest range of sizes, styles, and cuts to best fit non-standard, hard to find sizes. Fit can make all the difference in how you look and feel in your clothes.

For the Fit, Inc. wants to make the difference for you. From the clothes we offer, to the services provided- we aim to FIT your needs. Thank you for being our guest at FORtheFIT.com. We look forward to serving you.


Consuelo Bova, CEO of ForTheFit.com
and the entire For the Fit, Inc. Team

About Consuelo Bova

Consuelo has learned a thing or two about Men’s fashion – particularly as it relates to dressing shorter men. Her philosophy is simple:

“Men’s fashion has less to do with the season’s hottest trends or a man’s natural good looks,”… she states.

“the secret is that any man, whatever his size or shape, can look amazing if he knows how to select the Right Style and the Right Fit for him.”

Before & After: My Story, by Jeff Bova

Like so many other men, I thought I was doing it right. I looked good – or at least okay. My workplace was pretty casual and I fit right in. Khakis, a polo shirt, loafers- what’s wrong with that?

On a first date, I’d wear black slacks and a black sweater – pretty suave. I can’t have been too wrong – I got married, after all, to a wonderful girl.

But, like so many men, I found my new wife was interested in “upgrading” my wardrobe. The problem, she said, was fit. There was nothing fundamentally wrong with my look, she said, it was the sizes.

Here is what she didn’t know though: At 5’7″ and 150lbs, finding clothes that fit my frame properly was tough. Although to be honest, I hadn’t been helping matters by buying size Large and Extra Large.

Today, we have learned to source the best styles to suit my body type and I’m buying the right sizes, too. What a difference. I feel more comfortable and confident with my appearance.

With my new confidence, I left a comfortable and safe role in corporate finance to do something I’d always dreamed of. I became an entrepreneur and started ForTheFit.com with my wife, Consuelo. We now work together to help every man to find the right styles and the right fit for them.

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