11 awesome holiday gift ideas for the terrific men in your life

11 awesome holiday gift ideas for the terrific men in your life

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Wow, is it really that time of year again? How did that happen? Every year, Christmas seems to creep up on us like some sort of majestic and festive cougar. I mean, wasn’t it just Halloween a minute ago? Talk about being blind-sided. Thankfully, Christmas is a time for love and forgiveness, so our nearest and dearest will still be grateful for those last-minute gifts we pick up at the gas station en route to the festivities, right?

Just kidding! The great news is that this year we’re on it and there is still plenty of time to plan and ensure you get the perfect gifts for your male friends and loved ones. So don’t worry, we have your back with this useful holiday gift guide.

The better news is that you can buy all of these gifts online or make them yourself! That’s right, you can avoid the shopping mall battlefield altogether and you won’t have to run the gauntlet of the crowds. That’s right, gift-hunting won’t give you anxiety and sweat patches this year, not on our watch.

So relax, put your feet up and scroll down as we give you some ideas for the best gifts you can buy (or make) for the special men in your life.


1. For the gentlemen among us…

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We all know that guy who wouldn’t be seen dead without a properly starched dress shirt and who has one in every color, for every event. We even suspect this dapper gent has a monocle hidden somewhere in their closet for extra-special occasions.

It’s true that shirts are great for formal and casual occasions and the wide variety and styles allow for endlessly customizable wardrobe options.

AT FORtheFIT, we have every kind of shirt, for every kind of man, from solid black for your hipster (whether he knows he’s one or not!) to new, wrinkle-free and stain-resistant dress shirt options for guys who like to look their best, but dislike the maintenance involved.

We also have mod dots, stripes, and anything in between for those who like to express their personalities through their dress shirts! All of our shirts are available in sizes that ensure a perfect fit for both tall men and short men.

2. For the sartorial perfectionist

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Well-fitted clothing can really make the man, and most savvy dressers know this. You can tell the measure of a man by whether the man knows his measurements! Therefore, a tape measure is a crucial element in helping a man dress to impress.

Tape measures may not the most glamorous holiday gift but they can make an inexpensive yet valuable stocking stuffer for the guys in your life who take clothing seriously. The great news is that tape measures never go out of fashion so they help you maintain perfect-fitting style all year long. So, make sure that your male friends know how to measure themselves correctly!

3. For the practical, pragmatic man

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There are those who brave the icy temperatures in a T-shirt, but for the rest of us mere mortals who prefer to stay warm, a cozy, soft, solid jacket is a MUST for the Winter months.

Practical guys know that all they need to do to stay toasty is to put on a trusty sweater or pullover and it will feel like a warm hug. A zip-up fleece jacket allows the practical man to laugh in the face of the harsh weather and avoid the usual winter inactivity as he doesn’t need to retreat indoors for shelter.

When he is indoors, he also saves on heating by grabbing his trusty fleece jacket and essentially slapping his energy bill in the face. Economical as well as fashionable, what more can you ask for? Shop here for a perfect-fitting fleece jacket for small men or here for a cozy fleece jacket for tall men.

Another firm favorite of the practical man is the trusty scarf. With the dual qualities of giving warmth and adding style and personality to an outfit, they make for a perfect, inexpensive gift. With six colors to choose from, they’re a great stocking stuffer for completing the tall, practical man’s look.

4. For the annoyingly active man

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We all have that friend or relative who has an unnatural amount of energy that just makes us seethe. We’re just jealous really. Why is he always on the go and at the gym, while we’re lying here covered in Cheeto crumbs? But since you love him anyway and a gift is in order…

Our athletic pants could be this guy’s best friend. We have a great range of styles to suit every need, from classic fleece and jersey athletic pants to our new slim fit jersey and fleece-lined poly tricot styles for the modern athlete. All available to suit both tall men and short men’s athletic pant needs!

Perfect for gym workouts, an outdoor jog or run(ning errands), or even for watching Netflix on the couch- these comfortable and well-fitting athletic pants have been specifically made for shorter and taller men. They will also fit perfectly and avoid the usual distracting bagginess or red toothmarks that his other ill-fitting pants give him as their elastic tries to eat his waistline.

So although his fitness may be annoying, you will be giving him the gift of the perfect pants for a workout and therefore can give yourself a pat on the back.

5) For the sloth-man

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The polar opposite of the annoyingly active man, the sloth-man is happiest when lounging about the house and exploring the hidden depths of their bed. Everyone has that friend or relative who takes pride in the fact that they binge-watched Luke Cage in one day on Netflix or who tries to set personal bests for the longest time that he can stay indoors.

In fact, one of the beauties of the holiday season is the period between Christmas day and New Year’s Eve, when we can relax and all become sloth-men or women for a few days of much-earned hibernation.

For the sloth-man, comfort is the top priority, a necessity even. And for that, you simply can’t beat pajamas as a sure-fire way to unwind.

Our flannel and broadcloth PJs are available in both tall and short men’s sizes. As an added bonus to keeping you cozy, they also have been designed especially for men who are taller or shorter than average for that perfect fit!


For men who love frivolous tech and manly tools:

6. A laser projection keyboard

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Image credit: Bo Gao

The future is now! Nowadays, some tech gadgets are so sci-fi that it’s hard to believe they haven’t been beamed back from the future. A laser keyboard allows the special man in your life to type away via Bluetooth and is as productive as it is cool!

Projection keyboards are widely available in a variety of styles and can release the inner-Trekkie.

7. The ultimate multi-tool

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Most men love their tool box and a chance to do some DIY. Sweeping generalization aside, multitools are always useful to have about the house and some men will secretly relish any opportunity to use them to gain some man points. They can be equally useful for the outdoorsy type who loves hunting or camping.

There are many great options for multi-tools but with a sleek, durable design, the Leatherman Wave multi-tool is often rated as one of the best that money can buy.

8. A modern boombox with just a touch of nostalgia

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Image credit: Mikael Leppä

For the man who can’t live without music, a stereo boombox can be a throwback to the past with a modern twist. In the 80s and 90s, boomboxes were all about the bass and the louder, the better. Now though, noise pollution is frowned upon and our eardrums are probably a little more appreciated. As an indoor sound system though, a modern boombox can be a fitting tribute.

Most available today come with a smartphone dock, Bluetooth capabilities and digitally-amplified power.

Alternatively, you go with a futuristic smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home for the man who embraces the Internet of Things.

9. A VR headset for when reality bites

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Image credit: Marco Verch

Real life can be cruel and we all need a little escape sometimes. Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive experience that tracks your head movements for the perfect gaming or cinematic experience.

2016 has seen the VR market explode and there are lots of great options for virtual experiences.

DIY Gifts

For the men in your life who appreciate the effort:

10. Homemade spices and seasoning

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For men who are budding chefs, cooking can be one of the simple pleasures in life and they will appreciate their spices. Create some spice blends and add them to ornate jars for the next time they want to create their signature dish or try something new.

If your male family or friends have complimented your cooking, you can always add a recipe to go along with the spices for that added touch.

11. A book clock

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Image credit: The Art of Manliness

Yes, that’s right, a book clock is indeed a thing. In this age of e-readers and smart watches, there are some men who still prefer the more material, traditional things in life and what better way to show them you care than by crafting a time-telling device out of one of their favorite novels? (note: not their actual book, buy a replica!).

Get the tutorial here.


Prior preparation and planning prevents poor presents! Whether you opt for making sure the men in your life are dressed in well-fitting and fashionable clothing or kitted out with the latest gadgets, buying gifts now can save you from a lot of stress.

Hopefully you’ve found this useful and it makes the Holidays a little easier for you this year. If so, why not pay it forward and share this post with a friend? Sharing is caring after all, and that’s what Christmas is all about!


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