Expert advice for men who don’t follow fashion or trends

Expert advice for men who don’t follow fashion or trends

" data-orig-src="" alt="Fashion advice for men" width="831" height="457" /> We’ve heard from many of you that you feel your style could use a little boost, but fashion magazines and articles can make you feel a little overwhelmed.  So, we reached out to the experts to gather their #1 piece of fashion advice  to help you get your fashion game in gear!  Plain and simple: easy tips to help you understand fashion, direct from the experts to you.  You’re welcome.

" data-orig-src="" alt="Expert fashion advice for men" width="200" height="300" />Expert: Candace Hanna.

Candace is a personal stylist and owner of Style by Candace.  She has worked in corporate men’s and women’s fashion for over 10 years for boutique brands and major fashion houses in New York and Los Angeles. Candace is now a full time personal stylist for both men and women.

#1 Piece of Advice:

‘My advice to men who don’t follow fashion trends is that your fit must be *impeccable*. Whether you’re talking about a $5000 suit, or a $100 pair of denim, if it doesn’t fit properly, it is a waste of your money. Granted, fabric choice will also be a concern, but the most glaring issue I see with men today, is a wardrobe that is ill fitting. I see it all the time with men; suits that are entirely too big across the shoulder, pants that are too long/short, shirt necks that are too large, as well as sleeves that are too long/short, and my absolute favorite; shirt buttons holding on for dear life. We get it, you have muscles. A well-tailored shirt will demonstrate that so much more beautifully than a shirt you’re bursting out of. If you’re working on a budget, that’s no problem at all. You can buy your clothes where you would normally buy (within reason, of course) and invest your money in tailoring and fit adjustments rather than labels/trends. Never risk fit/tailoring for trend – it will never be worth it. I don’t care how expensive a piece is, if it doesn’t fit perfectly, it will always look cheap.’

" data-orig-src="" alt="Advice for Men on Fashion" width="300" height="199" />Expert: Maria Calautti.

Maria is the founder of Le Grand Chic Italia School of Fashion in North America. The school was founded in 2007. She is a master tailor, pattern maker, and certified fashion instructor. Maria was born in Italy and has been drafting patterns, teaching and designing clothes full time for the past 10 years, although, she started her journey when she was in her teens.

#1 Piece of Advice:

‘My top advice to any man is to have clothes that fit well, this being the most important piece of advice for anyone! The styles may change but with men’s wear the changes are so subtle and it takes a long time for any trend to take hold that really one can wear the same wardrobe for many years and no one would be the wiser. Choose colors that suit YOU and not what is current, choose what is comfortable (not to be confused with sloppy) for YOU; make sure that the garments look polished and they will be timeless. The best thing to do is to color coordinate so that your wardrobe will work together in the best possible way. Always have a suit, sport coat, tweed jacket, formal coat (full length), formal car coat, assorted pants, a few jeans, dress shirts with matching ties, good quality sweaters and of course the all-purpose trench coat! This will keep you going for a good long time. If you are the athletic type then you will need some sports clothes, they are completely up to you what works and what doesn’t, the best is in fabrics that breathe and don’t wrinkle.’

" data-orig-src="" alt="Fashion experts advice" width="220" height="220" />Expert: Colleen Bayus.

Colleen is a personal wardrobe stylist at Styling by Bayus, in the Washington, D.C. area. Helping clients look and feel their best with what they wear, while saving them the time and energy of shopping – often helping men, who don’t necessarily care about fashion, look their best. She also offers closet organization and editing services.

#1 Piece of Advice:

‘MAKE SURE YOUR CLOTHES FIT PROPERLY. This is especially important for suits. Virtually nobody has a body that exactly fits the measurements that designers cut. Find a good tailor, get your measurements taken, and have your suit jackets and pants altered so the fit is just right. This instantly makes a man look more pulled together and polished. Even better? Have your suits custom-made to perfectly fit your body. Take proper care of the suit, and it’s 100% worth the investment. Even if you aren’t specifically “on trend” or “fashion forward” the fit is everything in terms of looking put-together. You can always switch up ties, pocket squares, sweaters, etc. But proper fit? It’s always in style.’

" data-orig-src="" alt="Expert Advice on Fashion" width="250" height="197" />Expert: Monica Diaz.

Monica used to design menswear textiles and was a menswear designer/merchandiser. Today, Monica has a personal styling/image consulting business, MD Mode, and works with both men and women. She has also recently published a course on Udemy entitled Mastering Men’s Career Style (by clicking this link our readers get 50% off).

#1 Piece of Advice:

‘My top piece of advice I give my male clients is always the same fit, fit and fit. I suggest they find a good tailor for all their suits and more expensive attire and the rest have the dry cleaner alter. A beautifully fitted garment can make you look like a million dollars. The second would be to buy quality pieces. Key items which are easy and interchangeable. You don’t have to be a fashion plate to look amazing. Building a good wardrobe takes time but when you have quality key items it really is easy.’

" data-orig-src="" alt="Advice for those men who don't follow fashion" width="300" height="200" />Expert: Caz Little.

Caz is a men’s stylist and personal shopper at Dashing Hounds. Her career began designing for well-known Australian brands, and later styling TV stars and expertly grooming the panel for LIVE shows. After 10 years of designing menswear, she decided it was time to help men look good, showing them where to shop and what to buy, saving them time and money!

#1 Piece of Advice:

‘Fashion trends are not for everyone. The important thing to remember is that you should dress to impress yourself! When you buy something you need, you buy it for a purpose generally speaking. For example, you buy an iPhone to communicate with friends and family, work and keeping up with the world! When you buy something you want, it may be not necessarily something you need. Apply this rule to fashion trends. You may like it on someone else or in the shop window, but if you wore it, does it make you feel fantastic and look good? Fashion trends come and go and it’s hard to keep up these days! If you don’t see yourself as an influencer, but more of a follower, then stick to wardrobe staples. Keep it simple. Don’t follow trends, stick to your needs and march to the beat of your own drum.’

" data-orig-src="" alt="Advice for those who don't follow trends" width="200" height="300" />Expert: Ali Levine.

Ali Levine is New York’s hot shot turned Hollywood “it girl” for fashion. Interning with brands such as Target and Coach, Ali quickly progressed and is now nonstop talk, and contributor, in USA Today, LA Times and NY Times, and many other outlets. Known for her on set styling for L.A.’s hottest shows, she can also be found dressing the A list talent bustling the red carpet scenes. Ali is an influential fashion blogger and has her own digital channel.

#1 Piece of Advice:

‘Fashion is something that makes the world go round. There are people around the world whose jobs rely on the fashion industry. This, however, does not mean that everyone knows the rules of fashion. As a celebrity stylist, I have learned a lot in working with both women and men. The best piece of advice that I would give to a man who does not follow trends is to remember that the way clothing fits is crucial. Having things fitted and tailored to your body type can change everything about how you look. I would also advise that men should wear clothes without huge brand logos; the simpler the better. Clean cut is the best way to go, especially for those who don’t follow trends. Size and fit is everything. Blending neutrals, and having one statement in a look as their go too.’


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