How to Find Jeans that FIT

How to Find Jeans that FIT

When don't you wear jeans? Most of us live in jeans and every other type of pants is for "special occasions".  Jeans are versatile- easy to dress up or down as needed with minimal effort.  They’re also extremely comfortable- if you've picked the right pair.  For many of us, in particular tall and short men, finding a pair of well-fitting jeans can seem an impossible dream.  We can help.

The problem

Tall Men need Tall rise jeansIf you're not an "average" size, stores simply don't carry jeans that fit you. Tall guys can't find jeans long enough.  Big and Tall stores are great...unless you're tall but also slim or skinny.  Shorter guys can't find lengths under 30" in store, and jeans are expensive to hem and look sub-optimal even after you've gone to the time and expense.  Length aside, the sizing is completely off. "Regular" jeans are too short from crotch to waist for the tallest guys (totally awkward and uncomfortable), and too baggy for the shorter guys (low crotch is not a good look on anyone). 

I think it’s safe to say, in one way or another, that we’ve all suffered through the struggle of finding the perfect pair of denim jeans. Skinny fit? Straight leg? Bootleg cut? What’s the difference? Men’s Health Magazine has done a good job of explaining the different types of jeans in this article, but quite frankly, style isn’t generally the issue.  Most of us are looking for a pair that fit both lengthwise and at the waist and torso. Is that really too much to ask? In failing to accommodate for men of different builds and statures, a massive gap in the market has emerged.

Finding Jeans that FIT you

The solution actually seems relatively simple. How difficult would it be to design a pair of jeans which takes two things into consideration- height and torso dimensions? Really there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ man anyway… It’s unreasonable to assume that two men, say 6' and 5'6" respectively, are going to have similar enough builds to wear the same pair of pants, different only in length.  It's preposterous, really.  Taking their varying builds into consideration in a more holistic, complete way results in a better FIT across the board. 

Short Men's Premium Denim Jeans

Enter FORtheFIT.  In 2012, FORtheFIT pioneered stylish, affordable, premium denim jeans designed to FIT men of varying body types. Specifically, we crafted a true Tall men's jean- start to finish AND a short men's jean- start to finish. Our expert tailors and designers collaborated with customers and fit models to come up with ideal dimensions for tall and short men- considering rise, inseam, and even the seemingly smallest details like pocket dimensions and depth.  After all,. bigger hands need bigger pockets right?

Did you know that the size and placement of a pocket in relation to your bum affects how the latter looks in your jeans? Ours are sized proportionate to the man (tall or short) and placed for an optimal, (ahem)…”rear-view”… You’re welcome. With a near limitless range of waist and inseam combinations, you will find your perfect size, too. You shouldn’t have to change your build to accommodate fashion brands; fashion brands should be changing their designs to accommodate your different builds. That is exactly what the team here at succeeds in doing, putting customers and their needs first in an affordable yet fashionable way.

Identifying your Size in Jeans

Now that you've figured out where to buy Tall Men's Jeans and where to Shop for Jeans in Short Men's Sizes the next step is to figure out what size to buy. 

Soft Tape Measures help you find the right size to fit YOUStep 1: Find a soft tape measure.  It is the number 1, key tool in your fashion "toolbelt" to ensure you purchase the right size clothes for you.                                                                                                        Step 2:  Learn how to measure yourself.  Find your waist and inseam measurements.  Measure at your natural waist lightly with the soft tape measure (AT your waist, not above or below it. And softly... if you pull it tight to get a smaller number, your pants won't button when they arrive).  Inseam is measured from crotch to ankle (or however long you want your pants to be- for jeans, a soft crumple is desirable, so whatever the exact length you measure from crotch to ankle, add an inch or two).  For a little more detail about taking measurements- check out our tall men's guide to FIT or short men's sizing advice.

One important tip- don't just go by the size on the tag of your favorite pair- the marked size is probably inaccurate for a few reasons.  First- because most manufacturers are sloppy with manufacturing and sizing- so from pair to pair, the same "size" can fit differently.  At FORtheFIT, we take great pains to be consistent and offer top quality apparel construction, so you can order and reorder with confidence.  Also, because if you are buying "regular" fit for your tall or short frame, you may unwittingly be sizing up or down at the waist to get all the other dimensions to suit you, and because those pants may be high rise, mid rise or low rise styles that you are "adapting" to fit you- the waist tag may have zero relation to the waist of the garment (or yours for that matter).  So- do yourself a favor and grab that tape measure- whatever your actual waist measurement, that is the size you will order from us.

Step 3: Check the size charts!  When you are shopping online, every retailer will include some level of size chart.  This is key to review before checkout, since every manufacturer is different. Armed with your waist and inseam measurements, you can tackle that size chart like a champ and find exactly the right pair of jeans for you- whether tall or short, slim, skinny or stout.

Tall Men's Premium Denim Jeans

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