Happy Fathers Day

Fool-Proof Guide to Father’s Day Gift-Giving

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Once again, it’s that time of year when we show our dads how much we appreciate them. Now there’s the question of what present to buy for them…?! So here are some  gift ideas guaranteed to make his day!

Personalized gifts

Getting that ‘personal touch’ from a store bought gift can be tricky.  And cards can sort of say what you’re thinking (if you were a professional writer or comedian) but here again, none to personal an option. So instead of racking your brain or enrolling in a writer’s seminar ahead of the big day, consider using just a few simple words, emblazoned forever on a great gift item, to share your own thoughts with Dad?


If you’re feeling creative, or have little kids (nothing wins points more than grandkid art!), why not buy a plain mug and try painting you own personalised message to dear old Pops? Even the simplest design will be far better a present than a generic one from the mall.

BONUS:  You’re his favourite kid for at least a moment every day when he uses it for his morning cup of coffee.

Card designs

There are plenty of websites where you can upload the best pictures of you and dad. Make a collage, or experiment with a framed theme, or turn them all black and white? Whatever design suits you best, and then print out a card that dad can display on the mantel or his desk at work. Recent holiday pics, fond memories, or childhood snaps can all make meaningful card designs.

The gift of laughter


Humor books are great for a good guffaw every now and then, and what better day to make your old man laugh than on Father’s Day? Humor books are the light hearted gift that shows you care, without reducing dad to a teary mess – although he might be crying at the jokes in the book!

Sports & Games

Keep the memories coming!  Game night is always good for laughs and fun memories.  A new game can be inexpensive, but enjoyable gift for the whole family. It’s all about getting everyone together and Father’s Day is a great occasion to do just that. For classic, good times, try:

  • Jenga
  • Twister
  • Pictionary

Can’t think of a game that’s not already in his collection?   Maybe it’s time to get Dad that new bat, club or racket he’s been wanting?  Then, off to go play some baseball together!


Want to personalise your gift? Not the best artist? Well not to worry; gifts are meant to make us feel special. So get your dad something that does just that:

  • A favourite meal of his
  • A really nice bottle of cologne for family outings
  • A sports jersey for his favorite team
  • A gift to help him with his hobbies

BONUS: Think of the gift as the beginning of a special memory.  Give Dad tickets to a game, a gift card to dinner, movie tickets, or some other activity he’ll enjoy.  Then GO WITH HIM.  Make a day of it. There is no better gift than your time and attention.


They say that clothes make the man, but it’s love that makes a father. Whilst buying any old clothes for Father’s Day might seem impersonal (the dreaded Tie and Sock combo!), it’s the specific items you choose that will show how much thought you’ve put into your gift.

If your Dad is taller or shorter than average, have a look around for something that can fit him, rather than him having to make do with ill-fitting   outfits. Our dress shirts are a popular option (available in tall or short sizes)

Try and find flattering colours or designs so he can stand out from the crowd. Get a head start on the Fall with a specialty Scarf (have you checked out our scarves for tall Dads?).  These extra-long versions make great gifts- unique enough to show you care, but practical enough he’ll get plenty of use from it


Every father is unique, and ultimately you’ll know best what he’d like most. The important thing is to keep in mind who they are and what kind of present will make the most of this one special day. Sometimes it can be a great opportunity to get the family together for a bit of a laugh. Other times it’s our opportunity to let our fathers know they’re appreciated.


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