Golfing? How to get your wardrobe up to par… without breaking the bank

Golfing? How to get your wardrobe up to par… without breaking the bank

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What comes to mind when we say the word “Golf”? Sunny courses, lunch at the clubhouse…and fantastic style. When it comes to Golf, it’s as much about what you wear on the course, as it is about what you do on the course. However, it can feel like there is an unspoken rule that you have to buy expensive clothes in order to really look the part of a golfer. Wrong!

Once you’ve checked with your local club for any particular clothing rules, you can actually find most of the golfing essentials in your everyday shops and online stores. Style doesn’t have to cost you your house, and the right choice of clothes can be practical as well as fashionable.

The Classics

Polo Shirt

Most golf courses insist on their users wearing a collared shirt. Yes, it’s picky, but every sport has its own style, and it can’t be denied that a collared shirt shows a lot more sophistication than a plain creased tee shirt.

The beauty of the polo shirt is that it’s as practical as it is stylish. You can afford to buy a few good quality polo shirts without sending your bank account into the red. That all important collar means that it can be used for formal golf functions – including a top golf course, or drinks with business colleagues on the 19th hole. But in a classic polo, you also won’t look out of place on a more laid back, public golf course.

The better the fit of your polo shirt, the easier it’ll be to move when you’re swinging the club or walking to the next hole, and of course, you can choose between a variety of colors so you can really stand out!

TIP: Your shirt always needs to be tucked into your shorts or trousers. Shirt out = you’re out!


When strutting your stuff on the golf course, jeans are nearly always banned. Apart from looking overly casual – and golf style is definitely not casual – denim is not a material that allows a lot of stretch and breath-ability.

Check with your local golf course about regulations on trousers, but most allow them, providing they’re loose (but not baggy), stylish, and definitely not jeans – so don’t even think about wearing dark denim!

Go for cotton trousers as this will help keep your legs stay cool during the summer, and cotton looks better than lycra, which is the other favorite golfing material. It’s important to have a comfortable pair of trousers, as your swing won’t work if you’re tripping over your own feet because the hems are too long, or showing way too much ankle!

TIP: The bottom of your trousers should be just resting on the top of your shoes, so getting a pair that fit you properly is a must.

Individual style


The jury’s out on golfing shorts, but generally they are allowed in most clubs. The traditional rule is that shorts must come just above the knee but no higher, so don’t settle for a second rate pair – shorts that are just a little too long or short on you could ruin your chances of getting into a club!


Some form of headwear is encouraged when playing golf – just not your printed ‘I *heart* golf’ hat! Don’t give into buying an expensive golf visor – while it may look suave and professional, it’s not so glorious cleaning them if they get dirty, or replacing them if they become crumpled.

A simple baseball cap is usually acceptable – depending on the dress code, it can be a safe bet to find one where the logo is not obviously displayed. If you’re feeling edgy, try wearing a flat cap or woollen beany hat for the colder months.


One of the staple items in any golfing wardrobe – apart from the patterned pants – is a sweater vest. If you’ve got your heart set on looking like a true golfer, then keep your eyes open for an argyle design vest. They’re quite common so you needn’t go rushing to an expensive designer store. However, be careful with this item; the loud pattern will stand out big time, so match it with a plain pair of pants and a calm colored shirt. You want to stand out for the right reasons!

Alternatively, kit yourself out with a fleece vest for the colder months. It’s important to leave your arms free to avoid obstructing your swing, and a fleece vest will keep you warm without ruining your game.


This may come as a disappointment, but loud socks are not acceptable on a golf course. Apart from looking ridiculous, if you’re wearing brightly patterned socks, pants and vest, you really won’t look like a serious golfer. The length of sock can vary from course to course, but you can save yourself money – and embarrassment – by going for a plain pair of socks.


This is where you need to check with your local course, but smart sneakers are back on the golfing scene. Avoid wearing your normal street shoes, and definitely don’t go for shoes with a slight heel, as this can damage the golf course.


Here’s the secret – and don’t go shouting this around the club house – but golf clothing doesn’t have to cost big bucks! Once you know what is and isn’t allowed on your local course, you can start looking for the right patterns and style; you’d be surprised how many online and local s shops offer clothing that will be acceptable on a golf course, and won’t empty your bank account. Don’t let wardrobe etiquette stop you enjoying your favorite sport!


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