How to wear Sneakers with Style

How to wear Sneakers with Style

Comfy. Easy.  Everyone loves a good sneaker. But, what you put on your feet can be one of the most important aspects of an outfit.  You’ve heard it before, “You can tell a man by his shoes.” Footwear strings together your entire outfit and is often the most important factor when you want to amp up the style to what you’re wearing.

Let’s start with the basics here:

Sneakers are cool. They look cool, they’re comfortable to wear and because of their versatility you can wear them in so many different ways. You can go out with your friends feeling casual but looking stylish. You look like you’ve made a real effort with your outfit choice. They’re good for business-casual, can be worn with smart jeans for a night downtown and can add a block of color to an otherwise plain outfit. So, here are some tips for wearing the sneakers we all love so much, yet still being able to pull off the hipster-chic look: " data-orig-src="" alt="sneakers" width="647" height="432" />

Pair them with the right pants

The popularity of sneakers has risen to the point where it’s acceptable to wear them with pretty much whatever you want, such is their versatility. The times have long passed since they were gym-only attire, but it’s still important to pair your sneakers with the right kind of pants. Basic sneakers can be paired with jeans and chinos and fit the smart-casual event down to a tee. The market has also extended to luxury brands producing their own types of sneakers, allowing for an even cooler, more sophisticated look. You can pair the more luxury-type sneakers with tailored pants, slim-fit jeans and even suit pants if you’re feeling a little bit more daring. Business Insider has some great advice on how to shock the fashion world and pair a suit with sneakers, so have a look there for some interesting tips. Sneakers with suit pants help to make you look smart, but not stuffy. Even bigger advantage: you can go from a business meeting to having a few beers with the guys without having to head home to change into something more comfortable first! #Win!

Match your sneakers to what you’re wearing

This sounds like something really obvious, but your style won’t look as smooth as you want it to if there’s a major clash going on in the color department. We all know that if you’ve tried to make an effort with your outfit, the last thing you want is for a color clash to ruin the entire thing and throw your attempts off course. If you’re wearing a bold tee, match that up with the sneakers on your feet. It’s all simple stuff. At the same time, if you want to tone down an outfit then simple white or black sneakers can work wonders. If you have any doubts over which colors clash with each other, wear white canvas sneakers. They go with pretty much everything and they look super smart as well as having the added benefit of making you look incredibly clean-cut with minimal effort. Every man’s dream, as far as I’m concerned.

Keep them clean

It doesn’t matter how dapper the rest of your outfit looks, if you rock up wearing filthy sneakers then you’re not going to look smart in any way, shape or form. Throw the shoelaces in the laundry basket every few months to keep them looking bright and clean the shoes themselves with appropriate cleaning products: you can buy these products in most convenience stores. Keeping on top of your sneakers means that they’ll look good for longer, meaning that you look good for longer. " data-orig-src="" alt="sneakers2" width="647" height="374" />

Look at celebs for inspiration

If you’re still not sure, call on a celebrity whose fashion sense you admire and see how they’re styling their sneakers. Celebrities always seem to look smartly dressed without losing their stylish edge so taking inspiration from them is an absolute no-brainer. GQ produced an article on the 5 pairs of sneakers that you should own, so why not check that out and take a leaf out of their book by jumping on the sneaker bandwagon. They also endorse the idea of wearing sneakers with a suit — hate to say I told you so!


Sneakers don’t have to be the filthy gym shoes that they once were. They can be a fashionable, staple piece in any man’s closet. You don’t even have to break the bank to look chic anymore, with the average pair of sneakers coming in at around 100 bucks, and sometimes far less. Affordable fashion, great style and comfort- honestly, what more could you possible want?

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