If The Sock Fits… The Do’s and Don’ts of this highly Misunderstood Men’s Accessory

If The Sock Fits… The Do’s and Don’ts of this highly Misunderstood Men’s Accessory

Most men don’t often give much thought to their hosiery purchases, until of course it’s halfway through some insufferable meeting and you notice your socks are slipping and your feet hurt from the misplaced seams- or perhaps on a walk, when you stop to adjust your socks every few steps. Sound familiar? Then read on!

FIT & QUALITY: Stepping in…

When buying shoes, you look for a perfect fit… Yet, socks are only offered in these wide ranges that suggest that you can wear the same footwear as a man who wears a shoe 3 sizes larger than you. The retail industry has determined that the “average” shoe size is 10-12 and creates socks accordingly. However, if you are smaller than a 10 or larger than a 12, you may find fit to be a problem. Men with smaller feet often shop the boy’s department for dress and casual socks, finding the low price irresistible. But the quality is poor, so socks have to be replaced with such frequency that any savings disappear. Others simply buy socks that are too large and tuck under the toe, leading to foot pains, itching, or just plain discomfort. Former shoe salesperson A. Bridge reveals, “I can tell you that no matter what those sock packages claim, men under a size 8 won’t fit into a 10-13 sock size without rolling or tucking – and they aren’t happy about it. Also, Men with larger feet shop store after store looking for socks with heels that actually reach the end of their foot.” Instead, find socks that fit your foot. For larger shoe sizes (13+), try specialty retailers which may offer socks in larger size ranges. For smaller feet (shoe size less than 10), FortheFit.com offers premium Men’s socks in size small, to fit shoe sizes 5-9. Quality matters, too. The hallmark of quality socks and hosiery are the seam, material and workmanship. Face it, men’s socks get used and abused – you literally walk all over them. Invest in quality hosiery that offers a hand-linked toe-seam for an exceptionally smooth join, and premium fibers (which hold-up better wash-after-wash, wear-after-wear).

Sock Style: Stepping Out

Now that you’ve found socks to fit you, here are a few style tips to make sure your feet don’t offend…

  • The color of your socks should match the color of your pants, not your shoes
  • However, the color match should not be exact unless you are wearing black pants
  • Your sock drawer should include at least two each of the basics:
    • Black socks for dress, blue for jeans, a color close to khaki and athletic socks
  • Athletic Socks are for the Gym only. Period
  • With shorts, wear nothing higher than an Ankle sock
  • With long pants, wear socks that don’t expose your leg when you sit
  • Colorful and patterned socks are great for adding a little extra pizazz to your wardrobe
  • But keep this in mind: the more colorful your outfit the more toned down your socks should be
  • Avoid looking like you stepped out of a work by Andy Warhol
  • Socks + Sandals = Oil + Water – they never go together
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