If You Liked Our Old Trouser Styles…

If You Liked Our Old Trouser Styles…

You will love our new selection of pants. We’ve taken all the best features of our older styles and made them even better! Our pants have had a bit of rebrand with new names and an even better fit. We worked with designers to create the pants our customers asked for. But they weren’t just designed for style; they boast loads of other useful features too. Good looks and substance, what more could you want from your pants? " data-orig-src="http://blog.forthefit.com/wp-content/uploads/forthefit.jpg" alt="ForTheFit.com Pants Styles" width="550" height="623" /> Let’s get to know them a little better:

Dylan Washable Wool Trouser

" data-orig-src="http://blog.forthefit.com/wp-content/uploads/dylan.jpg" alt="Dylan Wool Dress Trousers" width="188" height="250" />If you liked the fit and quality of the Berle washable wool trouser, the Dylan is for you. These slim fit pants are sleek and stylish, perfect for the office or a special date. They flatter any size – short or tall, big or slim – with no compromise on comfort.  They’re made from premium fabric that moves with you. There’s no pulling through the seat and thighs, or excessive fabric swinging around your ankles. Just a clean, sharp look you’ll feel good in all day. Available in both short and tall rise, these pants come with a hidden self-sizing ‘comfort’ waistband that provides an extra 1-2 inches at the waist. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’re stain and wrinkle resistant too.  But in case you do have a spill, they’re MACHINE WASHABLE (the epitome of easy-care). Click here for the Dylan Washable Wool Trouser in short And here for the Dylan WashableWool Trouser in tall

Roderick Ultimate Trouser

If you preferred the fit of the Ballin Dress Trouser, the Roderick is for you." data-orig-src="http://blog.forthefit.com/wp-content/uploads/roderick.jpg" alt="Roderick Dress Trousers" width="225" height="225" /> Ultimate is about right, since these hi-tech trousers have been designed to maximize style, comfort and durability. Our Roderick pants have a plain, uncuffed hem and flat front for the most flattering look possible; a modern classic! They’re crafted from high-performance stretch wool gabardine. What does that mean? Well, it essentially means these trousers are very comfortable. They’re also breathable and have just the right amount of stretch (without losing shape) so you barely notice you’re wearing them!  The ultra-soft, ultra-luxe Wool fabric offers the good looks and quality you deserve. These, too, are stain and wrinkle resistant, so they’ll look good all day – even if you accidentally spill your lunch on them. Available in short and tall-rise, with a range of lengths and waist sizes so you can score the perfect fit. Click here for the Roderick Ultimate Trouser in short And here for the Roderick Ultimate Trouser in tall

James Ultimate Trouser

" data-orig-src="http://blog.forthefit.com/wp-content/uploads/James.jpg" alt="James Dress Pants" width="193" height="250" />Finally, we’ve got something really unique; a relaxed dress pant that fits just like your favorite pair of jeans. These are perfect for those of you who love our Jack Denim. We created the James to mimic the feel and fit  jeans, but with  the smart look of dress pants. Sadly, there are some occasions when jeans aren’t appropriate – and that’s where these dress pants step in. They’re tailored  enough to wear to the office, your cousin’s wedding, a hot date or an interview, but you’ll always feel comfortable in them. They’re made from stretch wool gabardine with Nanotex for stain and wrinkle resistance. And they offer breathability and stretch for maximum comfort and performance. They are sleek, modern and professional – just like you. Available in short and tall-rise, with a wide range of waist and inseam sizes to choose from for the perfect fit. Click here for the James Ultimate Trouser in short And here for the James Ultimate Trouser in tall So now you’ve met the team, which style will you choose?


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