It’s Mother’s Day! Dress to impress…it’s a gift in itself

It’s Mother’s Day! Dress to impress…it’s a gift in itself

Let’s face it, there’s zero chance your worried about “what would Mom say?” when you’re scrambling to get dressed and out the door each morning.  Not since you were 7, anyway. Besides, she raised you well, and you know how to put together an “appropriate” outfit for whatever you’re doing that day.

But if there’s one day where Mom’s opinion should be top of mind…it’s coming soon! Mother’s Day is May 14th, and we think it’s high time you upped your style game to impress one of the most important women in your life.

After all, she’s the woman that brought you into this world. The woman that knows you best. She’s listened, understood, yelled, and given you the best advice you’ve ever received. Say thank you for all her kindness and unconditional support by putting a little extra effort into impressing Mom this Mother’s Day.

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you present the most impeccable version of yourself, because you know she deserves that.


First things first, no outfit can repair the damage caused by a poor initial impression owing to rough, unhealthy looking skin. No longer the sole reserve of the fairer sex, increasing numbers of men are realizing that even the toughest of skin requires a little TLC now and again. Cleanse your face by lightly rubbing it with a face-specific cleansing cream to clear away any dirt and oil. Next, use an exfoliating scrub mixed with warm water to remove any deep-seated dirt and dead skin. Finish off with perhaps the most vital step – a good quality moisturizer. It’s important to replenish the moisture lost during the cleansing process to keep your skin soft, supple, and glowing.

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Up Top

Our tip – go for a perfectly fitted, clean and crisp Polo Shirt to look the part this Mother’s Day. The classic polo shirt is timeless and never goes out of style. A versatile wardrobe staple, the polo shirt can be worn on its own, or layered under a blazer or sweater. The polo shirt has evolved in many different colours so you can develop your own personal style. Just remember, this is your Mom’s day, not yours, so let her enjoy the limelight by opting for a neutral, pale colour such as light blue or sage green.

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Down Below

For us, it’s got to be Chino Pants or Jeans for Mom’s special day. That’s because the setting dictates ‘casual’, but you still want to make an impression here. Dress pants (too formal for a Mother’s Day brunch) and Athletic pants (really? Not today!) have their place, but this isn’t it, so leave those in your closet for another day.

The good news is “appropriate” doesn’t have to mean “uncomfortable”. Chino pants tread the line between smart and casual, while remaining comfortable enough for all day wear. Look for pants that are breathable and have been designed for comfort as well as style.

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Jeans are your friend. A timeless classic and an all-time favourite in every man’s wardrobe. Go for dark jeans to serve a dual purpose. One, to contrast perfectly with your lightly coloured top, and two, as a cast iron guarantee that you won’t disappoint Mom by sporting an unfortunate stain from a lunchtime mishap.

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Nothing will ruin a perfectly put together outfit more than dirty, scruffy, and downright disappointing footwear. For us, a nice clean pair of white or black sneakers finishes off your outfit perfectly. Of course, the most important thing is to make sure they contrast nicely with your chino pants or jeans. It’s a well-known fact that women take notice of your feet, and your Mom is no exception, so make sure you take the time to get your footwear in tip top condition.

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Shower. But then you knew that. On Mother’s Day, you’ll want to give your mum a great big bear hug. Give her a subtle treat for the senses by applying a fresh, citrus based cologne. Take care not to overspray when applying cologne, because there’s nothing worse than choking out those you love on your Mom’s special day.

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However you choose to dress this Mother’s Day, invest a little time and effort into making a positive impression for your greatest fan. It will mean more to your dear old Mom than you realise.

After all, she’s worth it.


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