Make Your Valentine’s Day Perfect

Make Your Valentine’s Day Perfect

" data-orig-src="" alt="Valentine's Day" width="1024" height="321" />Sunday 14th February is Valentine’s Day. You didn’t forget did you? It doesn’t matter – you’ve still got time to create a day your loved one will always remember. You don’t need to spend lots of money to make her or him feel special. But if you’re fresh out of original ideas, check out our 3-step guide to the perfect Valentine’s Day below (you can thank us later).

Step 1: The Date

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate date night so you need to make it really special. It seems everyone will be doing dinner and drinks, which means hiked up prices and competition for reservations. We recommend thinking outside the box and doing something different this year.

Date Ideas that will Wow:

  • " data-orig-src="" alt="Dinner Date" width="300" height="213" />Stay home. Plan a day of nothing; no chores, no errands, no places to be. Turn off your phones and just hang out. Don’t forget the supplies! You’ll need delicious snacks and a nice bottle of wine (or two).
  • Take a hike – and bring a picnic! Arrange the hike around sunrise or sunset to give your date that extra wow factor.
  • Surprise your love with dinner and dancing – AT HOME. Get dressed up and enjoy an evening of opulence without the price tag and crowds.
  • Re-enact your first date. Go to the same restaurant/coffee shop/bar/Movie Theater you went to on your first date and really consider the details. Order the same food, ask the same questions and wear the same (or a similar) outfit.
  • Book a surprise get away! Spend the night in a hotel. Order room service and eat dinner in bed.

Step 2: The Gift

Gift-giving on Valentine’s Day is expected; you do not want to turn up empty handed. You can’t go wrong with the classics; cards, chocolate, red roses. But there’s one problem; these classic gifts are a bit obvious and they’re not going to completely blow her away. There’s no need to spend heaps of cash on jewelry or clothes or the latest gadgets. The most appreciated gifts are creative tokens of love; something that’s taken a bit of time and thought and shows how much you care. Here are some suggestions:

Step 3: The Outfit

You’ve planned the date and wrapped the gift, now it’s time to think about you. Whatever you plan to do on Valentine’s Day, it’s important to dress to impress, BUT, also remember to dress appropriately for the occasion. A fancy dinner calls for dress shirts and smart pants, but you’ll need athletic pants for a hike in the mountains. If you’re planning a lazy evening at home, sweatpants are a must – but at least make sure they’re clean and fit right. Fit is key here. You can pick out the smartest suit in the store, but if it doesn’t fit,you may as well be wearing dish rags. Any man – tall or short – looks sharp in clothes that suit his proportions; even if it’s just jeans and a tee. Just remember: if you dress for the date and wear clothes that fit, romance is sure to be in the cards. " data-orig-src="" alt="Happy Valentine's Day" width="300" height="232" />

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