Pants? Jeans? What to wear and when to wear it.

Pants? Jeans? What to wear and when to wear it.

Have you ever found yourself torn between two outfits? Has your significant other seen you come downstairs and given you that awful  ‘Are you really going to wear that?’ look? It’s important that the clothes in our wardrobe are comfortable and reliable, so we can really get the most out of them before the annual clothes shopping comes around again. But the harsh truth is that, sometimes, what we want to wear – or can be bothered to wear – is just not appropriate for certain occasions.

Thing is,  “appropriate” doesn’t have to mean “uncomfortable”! Though certain occasions (like  a wedding or a work party) means wearing big-boy pants instead of your favorite pair of jeans, don’t assume discomfort is a given- a great pair of pants is both comfortable and good looking.  With different styles and the right fit, you might just find yourself reaching for pants more often than jeans. Believe it or not, style and comfort can work together.

Pants that keep on giving

Dress pants

A staple item for the more formal occasions, dress pants can be an everyday item for work, including drinks with colleagues or those days when you need to make a really good impression at meetings. But they’re also a great item for the more special occasions. If you’re going out to dinner with friends, celebrating an anniversary, or going to a wedding, you want to look your best – and jeans don’t quite say “I’m taking this seriously”!

Make friends with dress pants:

  • Look out for brands that do a variety of waist sizes – there’s no point holding your stomach in all day, or using two belts to keep them up!
  • Measure your inseam – properly – so you know what size will fit you best.
  • If you can swing it, buy your pants unhemmed and visit a tailor. TIP: Bring the exact shoes you will be wearing with the pants.  This is the best way to get your inseam 100% precise.  They will look as though custom made for you, if the inseam is exact to you and your shoes.
  • Swear you can only wear jeans comfortably? Try a dress pant designed off a denim pattern, so the fit and stretch make you forget you’re wearing dress pants altogether.  Where to find it?  Exclusively at, try the James dress pant for denim-lovers, available in tall men’s clothes sizes and short men’s clothing sizes.

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Chino pants

If you’re looking for something that can tread the line between smart and casual, then chino pants are what you want. Most people assume that chinos are the pant version of skinny jeans. While you can get a snug fitting style, you can also get a slightly slacker pair that provide all the comfort of your favorite jeans without sacrificing style. If you’re on holiday and want a pair of pants to see you through day trips and evenings out, get yourself a pair of chinos.

Make friends with Chino pants:

  • Look for pants that have breathability and are designed for comfort as well as style.
  • Lighter shades will make a change from traditional dark dress pants and jeans. Then again, a dark pair can be a comfy sub for either of the latter if you find you like chinos best.

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Athletic pants

It’s a shame that jeans have no use at all when it comes to working out. Shorts can be a good substitute, but when it gets colder you won’t be enjoying yourself much! The only real solution is to get yourself a really great fitting pair of athletic pants that won’t trap heat in during the warm weather, and won’t let all your body warmth out during cold weather.

Make friends with athletic pants:

  • Don’t settle for a size up or size down from what actually fits.
  • Look for athletic pants that have side pockets, or back pockets that close, to keep your valuables safe while you exercise.

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So what about jeans?

Jeans are, and always will be, one of the all-time favorites of every man’s wardrobe. We’d be pretty stuck for an outfit if we could never wear jeans again, and there are times when it really doesn’t make sense to wear pants – you hardly need to walk up to the grocery store in your formal wear!

Family time

One of the best times to wear jeans is on the weekends, or when you get back from work. Dark jeans will hide stains – which is an occupational hazard if you have children (or are a bit boyish still yourself!) Jeans aren’t as slack as sweat pants but they’re not as fitted as some dress pants, so you can lounge on the sofa or cook dinner in comfort.

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Smart Casual

This is a tricky area. If you’re invited out to dinner with friends, is it technically a formal or casual occasion? Is it more formal if you’re eating out or at someone’s house? This is where a smart style of jean can really help. If you wear jeans to work or on an evening out, there’s a thin line between your jeans being an edgy smart casual look, or looking like you can’t be bothered to make an effort. But with a great fitting pair of smart jeans, you’ll be comfortable and you’ll look great! Go for a dark wash in a classic, straight leg style.

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It’s all about choice. Let’s face it, jeans are our friends. They’re comfortable, they go with everything, and there’s a good choice of colors and styles. Unfortunately, you can’t wear them every day, but that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. There are plenty of pants out there that are tailored to fit a number of different sizes and heights, and look great too. Stay stylish, no matter the occasion, and give pants a try!


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