Buzzcuts, Pompadours, Man Buns … A Look at Hairstyles through the Years that Make the Most of your Height (and a Few to Avoid)

Buzzcuts, Pompadours, Man Buns … A Look at Hairstyles through the Years that Make the Most of your Height (and a Few to Avoid)

There’s always a lot of fuss over the different hairstyles that have been popular over the years. Men’s hairstyles have gone through plenty of changes and trends over the years...Not all of them have made it to the present day, and some for good reason! A surprising number of styles can still work their magic in the modern day. In fact, did you know choosing the right style can affect how tall you look?  The right style can maximize precious inches for shorter guys, or temper height for the tallest guys.  Looking to rock a new hair style (or add some inches?)?  Check out our advice below and you’ll never be stuck for a style again!

The Buzz Cut – A Winner for the Tallest Guys

Buzz Cut - a go to look for tall guysSometimes, the simplest hair statement is to not have any hair at all – and let’s face it, it saves a lot of time on styling and shampooing. There’s no denying that shaving your head is the ultimate step towards practical style. If you're feeling a little too tall, the Buzz Cut ensures you add no accidental, visual "inches" from too tall hair.  I suppose there's also the practical aspect- no more accidental run ins with fan blades and door frames ruining your 'do. Plus, there’s very little that won’t go with a shaved head, because there’s nothing to distract from the outfit. Whether you’re going for the formal tuxedo, smart casual style for going out with friends, or indulging in the all-American hip jacket and jeans, a shaved head will go with pretty much every type of fashion. Maybe invest in a scarf or hat when the weather gets cold though!

Men who’ve rocked the look: Matt Damon, David Beckham, Tom Hardy and Bruce Willis.

Slicked Back Undercut – On Trend Style for all Heights

the undercut - a great look for all guys - tall or shortThis modern, on-trend style actually has a long history.  Some of you will remember the wavy styled undercut rocked by many 80s pop stars. Though the slicked back undercut was originally a 1930’s trend, at a time when men’s hairstyles were quite formal, believe it or not. Today, the slick undercut is the favored hairstyle of the modern, millennial, city slicker. The look is made up of a buzz cut around the sides and clipping the hair at the top of your head. When styling your uppercut, think about what look you’re going for. Do you want to grease it flat or give it height and volume with gel? Because of it's flexibility - its a universally flattering look for men of all heights.

Men who’ve rocked the look:  Brad Pitt, Michael Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal and David Beckham (again).

Pompadour – The Height of Hairstyles

add inches to your height with a classic pompadour styleOriginally named after Madame de Pompadour, mistress to King Louis XV, this iconic hairstyle came to be the style for all the rebels with (or without) a cause. Elvis Presley championed the hairdo, and now it’s sneaking back into modern trends via hipster fashion. Unlike the slicked back undercut, the Pompadour is best styled without buzz cutting the sides; leave your locks intact as this softens the overall look and gives you more volume when the quiff is swept up. Because it adds height and volume to your hair, it can visually add inches to your height- making this an awesome choice for men who would like to add a few inches to their frame.  

Men who’ve rocked the look: Elvis Presley, Robert Pattinson, Justin Timberlake and, yes, David Beckham.

Flat Top – A Go-To Look for Men of all Heights

Flat Top for All HeightsFlat Top:  A Great look for men of All HeightsAnyone who was paying attention in the 90’s will recall the hi, flat top hairdo. This is a simple enough style to achieve: simply buzz cut the sides and back, and let the hair on top grow. It makes a real, personalized "statement" because there are plenty of ways to adapt the flat top to your own tastes: how high do you want your flat top to go? Do you want it slightly to one side? How about patterns buzz cut onto the sides? Less is more with the flat top as it makes a solid impact with any outfit, and won’t look out of place in a suit or athletic gear.  Tall and short men alike can rick this hairstyle- adding or subtracting inches with the height you leave up top however you need or want.

Men who’ve rocked the look: Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, Jim Carrey and Simon Cowell, (not David Beckham, for a change!)

Mohawk – If your personality is big enough... why not?

Mohawk, Mo'heightFor better or for worse, nothing quite makes an impression the way a Mohawk does. The Mohawk was the trademark style of the punk rock era in the 80’s, and rockin' the look means you WILL stand out! You'll also stand taller- as a mohawk adds as many inches to your frame (visually) as you let it- the tallest versions reaching 5" or more! If you’re looking for a bold outlandish hairstyle – or if you’re feeling rebellious about fashion – or want to stand a few inches taller- then this is the hairstyle that really makes a statement. Luckily for those of us who aren’t rock stars, Mohawks have evolved in various styles so that in most situations, you won’t end up looking ridiculous. Similar to flat tops and undercuts, buzz cutting the sides of your head and getting stuck into your uppercut with some hair gel – or even tying it in a man bun – will produce a respectable Mohawk with just the right amount of suave rebelliousness, leather jacket and army boots not required!

Men who’ve rocked the look: Seth Green, Ricky Martin, Travis Barker and, yes, you guessed it, David Beckham.

Big hair – Big Height

Big hair, big height_softened for the 21st centuryBig Hairstyles add HeightFree love meant free hair in the 70’s – and maybe Big Hair should have stayed there?  But it didn't. Further popularized by 80s hair bands and 90s grunge rock... and softened into a mid length version with surfer styles and indie rock in the 21st century.  It's clear that big hair is here to stay.  That's great news for anyone looking to add a few subtle inches to their frame- since the volume of the style will add an inch or more, without looking like you're trying too hard (sorry, Pompadour).  One tip- big hair works best on angular faces.  Recently, the trend has been popular for surfer styles and indie rock fashion. Also, if you’re taking the plunge into Big Hair, invest in a good quality hair products so that you can control the amount of volume you want, and keep the look softer and more on-trend.

Men who’ve rocked the look: Leif Garrett, Jon Bon Jovi, Lionel Richie and Axl Rose (David Beckham has never done Big Hair, which really says a lot come to think of it...).

Spikey crown – A Prince of Hair Height

Those of us who grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s will recognize this classic boy band style, that relied on hair gel and spike serums to create cool, short spikes atop your head. Despite the nostalgia, this remains a pretty versatile 'do that won’t look out of place today. Not only can it look both professional and casual, depending on the outfit, it doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day. Plus, if you wouldn't mind adding an inch or so to your frame- this style is a winner.  If you want a go-to, everyday style so easy it won’t take time away from your morning coffee ritual, look no further.

Men who’ve rocked the look: Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Seth Green and Justin Timberlake (and David Beckham of course!)

Man bun – If you can grow it, go for it!

Man Bun's are surprisingly height adjustableThe biggest, totally new trend for men’s hair in recent years has been the man bun's introduction to mainstream fashion. A take on the long hair look (after all, you've got to grow it out to knot it up), this is a hairstyle that can make an office suit look like an indie band outfit, and make a casual t-shirt and jeans look like the cover of Vogue. There is currently no more hip, on trend or stylish a look.  As a rule, make sure your locks are well looked after with good quality hair products. That way when you tie your hair up it will still look sleek and shiny, not scruffy and half-hearted. Plus, it's a great height-adjustable style (adding or maintaining inches as needed or desired, depending on how big or high you go with your bun's placement)

Men who’ve rocked the look: Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Hemsworth, Kit Harrington and, the man of all hair, David Beckham!

The Height of Hairstyles...

So men's hair is boring, huh?  Not a chance.  The years have been kind and offered quite a variety of stylish options for men- tall and short alike.  Look around you next time you’re at the mall or at work, you’ll see plenty of modern interpretations of classic styles. Notice how they affect how tall they make a guy look.  Look around and it will be easy to find a style that works for you.  The best part? Hair grows back. Don't be afraid to go bold- you can always change it up a few months down the road.

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