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  • NEW Stuff, & WIN Stuff, & FREE Stuff, Oh My!

    Welcome Fall.  To Summer, I guess we say, "Bye, Felicia." Allright, I guess it doesn't have to be all bad!  Here at FORtheFIT we've come up with some fun ways to bid Summer farewell, and usher in the Fall Festivities... staring with a few gifts for YOU! Read on for details on.. - [...]


  • Annual Gift Guide for Tall & Short Men – 2018

    Welcome to our annual rundown of the must-have style essentials for this festive season. These hot picks feature something to gift ALL the tall and short men in your life (hey, perhaps even a well-earned treat for yourself!). Happy Shopping! Flannel Men's Pajama Bottoms - Green and Blue [...]


  • A Touch of the Englishman – the Quintessential Guide to Dressing ‘Proper’

    What springs to mind when we think of tea, cake and queuing? That’s right, the English. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading across the sea for a visit, or bringing British style to your closet. The English have a distinctive style you’ll love. They may not make much of it, but ‘properness’ is a big [...]


  • How To Put Together A Minimalist Travel Wardrobe

    Finally, is it time for that weekend away? Have you managed to catch a long holiday? Sneaking away for Spring Break? We all look forward to the day when we can pack our bag and head off the beaten track – or onto it along with all the other people travelling at this hour! Whatever [...]


  • Pants? Jeans? What to wear and when to wear it.

    Have you ever found yourself torn between two outfits? Has your significant other seen you come downstairs and given you that awful  ‘Are you really going to wear that?’ look? It’s important that the clothes in our wardrobe are comfortable and reliable, so we can really get the most out of them before the annual [...]


  • Everything You’ll Need For A Cozy Super Bowl Sunday

    It’s that time of year again! That’s right, it’s time to host a Super Bowl party tomorrow. Whether you’re a die-hard Patriots or Falcons fan, or you just want to check out the halftime show and (hopefully) funny new commercials, the Super Bowl is the perfect excuse for friends and family to gather and eat [...]