The 2016 Men’s Style Trend Report

The 2016 Men’s Style Trend Report

" data-orig-src="" alt="Trends of 2016" width="625" height="351" />Fashion is a funny thing – trends always seem to roll back around sooner or later, and 2016 will see its fair share of familiar styles. This is great news for hoarders who held onto their ‘vintage’ gear, but it’s also fun for those of us who weren’t there to enjoy certain eras and their stunning attire the first time around. With the upcoming year in mind, I’ve gathered together a roundup of some of the trends that you should be aware of if you want to make an impact in the fashion game. Though classic tailoring will always look awesome, dipping your toe into current trends can be lots of fun and help you to look über stylish (or at the very least “in the know”) . So, whether you are hoping for a ‘New Year, New You’ type transformation, or you simply feel like updating your wardrobe a little in the coming months, I’ve got you covered.

The Androgynous Look

The androgynous look has mainly been adopted by women in the past, which is odd when you consider that the whole point of it is to allow both guys and gals to wear the same clothes. This year, think floral patterns and lace embellishments if you want to try the look on for size. This is a trend which you can adapt to suit your own confidence levels; for instance, super confident guys can rock a silk bomber jacket (another key trend!) in a Chinese-style floral pattern; while men who prefer a more subtle nod to fashion could opt for a narrow black lace trim on a shirt.

" data-orig-src="" alt=" shirts in Tall & Short sizes" width="300" height="214" />The Retro Look

We’re going back to the future! Or is it just back to the past? Either way, retro clothing is dominating the runways and magazines once again. To adopt this look yourself, look for heavy pinstripes, velvet, and cords. Though perhaps don’t wear them all at once unless you’re happy about being mistaken for Austin Powers. As with many trends, a subtle nod may be best for most guys here. Keep the majority of your outfit fairly neutral and allow your retro-look piece to take the limelight. This cherry-striped shirt offers a slightly more modern take on the retro pinstripe trend, while this royal stripe option is a more authentic choice.

Colors for 2016

This year will see a combination of calm neutrals and stunning jewel tones taking menswear by storm. Neutrals like tan, cloud gray, brown sienna, and butterscotch, will offer a stylish background for any outfit; and we’ll be transported back to the 1980s as mauve and peach pop up everywhere.    To make sure you keep your “neutrals” on point for 2016, switch up the basic tan and khaki looks for a hipper neutral-like Cloud Gray.  All of our classic chinos and shorts are available in Cloud Gray this year in both tall and short men’s sizes- so we have you covered, of course! Meanwhile, emerald green, burgundy, and indigo blue (as seen on our Jack jeans, available in tall and short sizes) will offer a touch of sumptuous color. And for some summer fun, banana yellow is also set to be big this year! Mix and match these colors as you see fit, and to suit your personal tastes. If you do decide on a mainly neutral palette, though, try to mix up the textures of your clothing to add interest.


" data-orig-src="" alt="Baseball Cap - trend of 2016" width="300" height="200" />If you prefer to keep your overall look classic and keep up with trends by just adding a couple of accessories, then read on!

  • Baseball caps. Look for caps in lavish materials such as leather or suede, or go for a simple cap in a muted navy or charcoal tone. But under no circumstances should you wear your cap backwards unless you want to be laughed out of the bar.
  • Neckerchiefs. This is a great opportunity to join in the floral trend in a subtle way, as once you’ve tied your neckerchief you’ll see just a hint of the floral pattern.
  • Sleek backpacks. Forget the tired old drawstring number that you haul to the gym. This year’s backpack is made from leather and is so smart that you could swap it with your briefcase. Think clean lines and premium materials.


As I mentioned earlier, bomber jackets are coming back in a big way. Either choose one of these season’s hottest colors (such as peach, mauve, or heck, why not banana yellow?), or go for a floral pattern to really create an impact. " data-orig-src="" alt="Outerwear trends of 2016" width="1024" height="487" />Alongside the bomber, the waterproof jacket is set to be big this year, which I must say is a surprisingly and refreshingly practical addition to the runways! Suede jackets will be en vogue, too.

The trend you should leave well alone…

According to my sources, the trend for wearing socks with sandals is still going strong. I’m not sure whether this is being done in a hipster-y, ironic way, but I do know that anyone who succumbs to this trend will cringe immensely when looking back at photos a decade from now. Don’t do it to yourselves, guys…


I hope that this guide has offered some style inspiration and useful tips. No matter how far you intend to go with this year’s trends, the key thing to remember is that comfort is key – both your own personal comfort, in that your clothes reflect your tastes and personality; and also your physical comfort in that the clothes fit well! Even if you find a high fashion garment that ticks all of the boxes set by the runway, if it isn’t a great fit then it won’t look good on you, or make you feel good. And above all else, please boycott the awful socks and sandals trend, for all our sakes! Which trends are you looking forward to trying out this year? Let me know in the comments!

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