The 8 Articles of Clothing Every Man Needs in his Closet

The 8 Articles of Clothing Every Man Needs in his Closet

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Practicality is the secret to men’s style. Fashions come and go, but certain items can last you all year round, whatever the weather, whatever the occasion.

There are so many clothes to choose from in men’s fashion these days. However, there are a few classics that never ever go out of style.

1. Blazer

Here’s the secret about blazers: they go with everything. Seriously. Whether it’s a formal, casual, or off-beat fashion kind of day, the blazer can work for all occasions. The great thing is that blazers aren’t suit jackets or sports jackets, but they act as either of these when you need them to. They also go with:

  • Suit trousers, for work or a fancy event.
  • Jeans, for dressing up a casual outfit.
  • Chinos, for a night out.

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2. Polo shirt

It never gets old but it’s always in style. Polo shirts make up the literal core of most outfits (as a layer under a blazer or sweater, for example) that aren’t an out and out uniform. They’re comfortable enough to lounge in, but you won’t feel undressed if you wear one out for drink with friends. Because of their widespread popularity, the polo shirt has evolved in many different colors which can further develop your own personal style.

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3. Dress shirt

There’s always a moment in a man’s social diary when it’s time to hold your fashion head high, and the dress shirt helps you do just that. Don’t shy away from high style; it doesn’t have to be as stuffy as it sounds! Dress shirts are an elegant part of your closet that brings out the best of your personality.

  • Chinos give a good smart casual look.
  • Cufflinks add sophistication, or roll your sleeves up for a casual style.

" data-orig-src="" alt="4" width="547" height="657" />4. Jeans

Yes- break open the Champagne and strike up the marching band! Jeans have always been, and will always be, the go to item of clothing. Practical, comfortable and, well, they’re jeans. You literally cannot go wrong with them. Sneakers, T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, oh the list is endless!

  • Dark jeans work better for smart casual styles and for hiding the odd stain!
  • Lighter denims washes sing out summer styles, especially with bright t-shirts.

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5. Shorts

Ok, so this won’t work in the dead of winter, but shorts definitely deserve an honorary shelf in your closet. For long summer days, for weekends hiking, for spontaneous road trips or emergency trips to the corner shop, shorts are practical, stylish and never let you down.

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6. Belt

Both an item of clothing and an accessory for your outfits, belts are the unsung heroes of the closet. But let’s face it, where would we be without them? Red faced for one!

  • Thick belts go better with jeans.
  • Thin belts suit the slick suit.
  • Individual belt buckle designs add a quirky addition to your outfit.

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7. Coat

It’s not just a practical piece of covering. Coats are a virtual billboard. It’s your way of showing the world what you’re about. The best articles of clothing are the ones that you can always rely on, both to keep you warm and to show your personality.

  • Long coats are good for suits and formal attire.
  • Jackets work as an everyday item.
  • Typically, navy and black are good for the winter months as they absorb warmth. Lighter colors can work on sunny days, although stains will show up more!

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8. Sneakers

Keep a space in the closet for these babies. Sneakers used to be only for the casual outfit, but with the rise of the waistcoat and the trilby hat, they’re starting to sneak into the quirky office style trend. Colours and laces can all be found to suit every man’s taste; loud colors can make a dull outfit pop, or neutral colors can provide a fine base for brighter shirts and trousers.

  • Plain black or white suits a minimalistic style.
  • Try going out and out with contrasting colors for your sneakers and pants!

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Stock your Closet!

The old favorites and the faithful items of clothing need to be in your closet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade the classic items of clothing. Treating yourself to a more colorful shirt or going for a trendier pair of sneakers and jeans can give your outfit a whole new look and makes use of the fool proof closet essentials.

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