The MANual: How to Tie Your Tie for a Dapper Valentine’s Evening

The MANual: How to Tie Your Tie for a Dapper Valentine’s Evening

Treating your loved one to a fancy meal out this Valentine’s Day? Naturally, you’ll want to be dressed to impress – and for guys, that usually means wearing a sharp suit, finished off with a smart tie. But do you know the best way to wear your tie? " data-orig-src="" alt="How to tie a tie for Valentine's Day." width="500" height="375" /> If you’re still relying on the method that mom showed you when you were a kid, then you may be surprised to learn that there are lots of ways to wear your tie, and each method offers a different style. Here, we’ve covered a few methods that are suitable for a Valentine’s date.

Method 1: The Windsor Knot

Best for: Spread collar shirts This knot looks great on guys with long necks, as the width of the knot helps to balance out the length of the neck. It was first popularised by the Duke of Windsor back in the 1930s, and the style suggests that the wearer is confident and elegant. It’s a formal knot, so is great if you’re heading somewhere really formal or swanky. TIP: For this knot to work, you need to select a tie with a wide bottom end – it may not work so well on skinny ties. Step 1: With the tie around your neck, make sure that the wider part is on the right hand side. It should be around a foot lower than the thin side. Step 2: Cross the wider part over the thinner part, and bring it up through the loop you’ve just created. Step 3: Bring the wide end down again, to the left of the thinner part of the tie. Then bring it underneath and to the right of the thinner part, and cross it over the front of the thinner part, to the left. Step 4: Bring the wide part through the loop once again, on the right side, and cross it over the thin part again to the left. Step 5: Take the wide end underneath the loop again, and feed it through the knot. Tighten your tie as desired, creating a triangle out of the knot by tightening slowly. Still stuck? This YouTube video from Louis Purple explains a slightly different method, but with the same end result.

Method 2: The Four in Hand Knot

Best for: Standard button down dress shirts This asymmetrical knot offers a slightly more casual look – if you’re going for a edgier look, then this is ideal. It’s also really great for men with shorter necks, as it can have a slimming effect on the neck. And it’s a really easy knot to get to grips with, so if you’re a beginner, this is a great knot to try. Step 1: Place the tie around your neck, with the wider end on the side of your dominant hand, and hanging lower than the thin end. Find the seam on the thin end of the tie, and wrap the wide end around the thin end in line with the seam one and a half times – the wide end should now be on the side of your non-dominant hand. Step 2: Bring the wide end up through the larger loop – nearest your neck – and then back down through the smaller loop, which creates the knot. Tighten as desired – pull the thin end and push the knot towards your neck, and make the knot smaller by pulling the wide end downwards. For a classic Four Hand Knot, place a finger into the knot and squeeze to create a dimple. Still stuck? Try this YouTube video from The Art of Manliness.

Method 3: The Pratt Knot

Best for: Dress shirts Also known as the Shelby Knot, this one is wide but not as wide as the Windsor knot, so if you’re looking for something in between the Four in Hand and the Windsor then this is the knot for you. It offers a quite modern look, too. Step 1: Place the tie around your neck with the seam side showing – as if it’s inside out. The wide part of the tie should be on your right. Cross the wide end underneath the narrow end, then take it through the loop around the neck, and tighten. Step 2: Cross the wide end of the tie over the thin part towards the right, then pull it up through the loop and down through the knot. Tighten as desired, and shape the knot into a triangle. Still stuck? Ann from Youtique Bridal offers a TouTube tutorial.

Quality ties

However you decide to wear your tie, it’ll only look good if you’re working with a great quality tie to begin with. That means choosing excellent materials and a stylish design, as well as ensuring that the tie fits you properly. That can sometimes be an issue for taller guys, with ties often not reaching past their belly button – and ideally, you should aim for your tie to sit just around the belt buckle. However, at we’ve made it our mission to make short tie nightmares a thing of the past for taller guys, and we offer 100% silk, extra long neckties in a range of stylish designs. Have fun this Valentine’s Day!


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