What does your facial hair say about you?

What does your facial hair say about you?

Facial hair styles are definitely having something of a moment right now. Men the world over are experimenting with weird and wonderful facial hair, which occasionally could be considered a work of art. But what does each style say about the man who’s wearing it? Of course, facial hair can be changed in an instant with the help of a razor and a little shaving cream, and many men will change their style frequently throughout their lives as they use facial hair as a way to express themselves and try something new. But if you’ve got a particular style that you keep coming back to, chances are it reveals something about your personality… " data-orig-src="http://blog.forthefit.com/wp-content/uploads/man-697509_1920-1024x771.jpg" alt="Beard, mustache or clean shaven?" width="1024" height="771" /> " data-orig-src="http://blog.forthefit.com/wp-content/uploads/ernest-hemingway-401493_1920-150x150.jpg" alt="Trimmed Full Beard" width="150" height="150" />

Trimmed full beard

Men who opt for the trimmed full beard look give off a scholarly air. Chances are that you’re a professor or a writer – or, at least, you want to create the impression that you are! A well-kept full beard indicates that you’re a distinguished, learned man, but also someone who is a little bohemian. You probably read the Sunday newspapers in full every weekend while enjoying a fresh espresso in the conservatory. Or you’ll pretend that’s what you do, anyway. " data-orig-src="http://blog.forthefit.com/wp-content/uploads/man-438090_1920-150x150.jpg" alt="Untrimmed Full Beard" width="150" height="150" />

Untrimmed full beard

If you let your beard grow wild and free, then chances are you’ve cultivated it more for a sense of warmth than a sense of style. You most likely don’t give two hoots about what other people think about you, and are drawn towards fellow down to earth people like yourself. You probably dream of living off the grid in a log cabin in the woods somewhere, and possibly also own a good pair of walking boots that have been in your possession for at least a decade. Or, you’re going for the ‘woodsman’ look because people think it makes you look hot, and you’ve never been on so much as a one mile hike in your life. " data-orig-src="http://blog.forthefit.com/wp-content/uploads/man-880428_1920-150x150.jpg" alt="Goatee" width="150" height="150" />


Sorry – but you’re probably going through a mid-life crisis. If you’ve got a ponytail to go with your goatee, this assumption is even more likely. Unless you’re a very lucky guy, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to pull this look off without looking a little sleazy. If you can pull it off, though, then you’ll look very cool – think Brad Pitt and Will Smith. This style needs to be meticulously maintained to look good, so keep up with your shaving routine if you want to go for this one. " data-orig-src="http://blog.forthefit.com/wp-content/uploads/man-736846_1920-150x150.jpg" alt="Designer Stubble" width="150" height="150" />

Designer stubble

This is the ‘just got out of bed’ look for your beard – but just like the bed-head hair style, it does require maintenance to look stylish rather than just lazy. Steve Sanger over at Grooming Health offers some top tips on maintaining the designer stubble look in this great post. This look shows the world that you’re stylish and fashionable, something which is most likely backed up by your slick wardrobe. You transcend trends and tend to go for classic clothes that look great on you and never go out of style. You probably also spend a large portion of your day in a suit. You may have been mistaken for a model on more than one occasion. " data-orig-src="http://blog.forthefit.com/wp-content/uploads/moustache-60594_1920-150x150.jpg" alt="Mutton Chops" width="150" height="150" />

Mutton chops

Either you’re a seriously committed Elvis impersonator, you’re visiting from the Victorian era via a time machine, or you’re a hipster. Whatever the case, chances are you’re a fun-loving guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Or you do take yourself incredibly seriously, but you’re unable to grow hair on your chin.   " data-orig-src="http://blog.forthefit.com/wp-content/uploads/diego-835816_1920-150x150.jpg" alt="Mustache" width="150" height="150" />


If you’re sporting a ‘stache on Thanksgiving, it’s very likely that you’re doing so for charity. Whether it’s for a good cause or not, making the mustache your facial hairstyle of choice shows that you’re fun-loving and confident. Some people might not like your mustache, but do you care? No! You’re far too busy having an awesome life for that. There are too many variations of the mustache to mention here, but each one can reveal different aspects of your personality.

  • Handlebar mustache. You’re going the whole hog for Halloween this year with your Hulk Hogan outfit. Or you’re a biker.
  • Pencil mustache. You like attending retro and vintage fairs, and probably own loads of first edition classic books. You may also be an assassin.
  • ‘Dali’ mustache. You have far too much time to devote to your grooming routine. People tend to either love you or hate you.

" data-orig-src="http://blog.forthefit.com/wp-content/uploads/person-602971_1920-300x177.jpg" alt="Clean Shaven" width="300" height="177" />

Clean shaven

Though in the past it has been seen as the most professional and traditional look, at the moment going clean shaven seems to be something of a rebellious move. You may be purposefully rejecting the facial hair trend that’s sweeping across the world at the moment because you like to have your own style; or maybe you are incredibly forward thinking and are leading the way on the clean shaven look before it becomes popular again. Or, perhaps, your other half hates it when you have a beard because they feel like they’re kissing a broom. Whatever the reason, you’re a mystery wrapped inside an enigma, Mr Clean Shaven. Who are you?


Did we get it right? Of course, there are too many types of facial hair to talk about them all here, so we’d love to hear your thoughts on some that we may have missed. What do you think different facial hair styles say about the men wearing them? Let us know in the comments! Whichever facial hair style you choose, the main thing is to wear it with confidence!


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