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  • NEW Stuff, & WIN Stuff, & FREE Stuff, Oh My!

    Welcome Fall.  To Summer, I guess we say, "Bye, Felicia." Allright, I guess it doesn't have to be all bad!  Here at FORtheFIT we've come up with some fun ways to bid Summer farewell, and usher in the Fall Festivities... staring with a few gifts for YOU! Read on for details on.. - [...]


  • 11 awesome holiday gift ideas for the terrific men in your life

      Wow, is it really that time of year again? How did that happen? Every year, Christmas seems to creep up on us like some sort of majestic and festive cougar. I mean, wasn’t it just Halloween a minute ago? Talk about being blind-sided. Thankfully, Christmas is a time for love and forgiveness, so our [...]


  • Kick up your style: 11 Must Have Accessories

      It's easy to get carried away looking for the shirt that will stand out, or the jeans that will fit best. But what about the accessories? The word accessory is usually associated with women's fashion, but it's just as important for men, and there are one or two items that you don't normally give [...]


  • Golfing? How to get your wardrobe up to par… without breaking the bank

      What comes to mind when we say the word “Golf”? Sunny courses, lunch at the clubhouse…and fantastic style. When it comes to Golf, it’s as much about what you wear on the course, as it is about what you do on the course. However, it can feel like there is an unspoken rule that [...]


  • Make Your Valentine’s Day Perfect

    Sunday 14th February is Valentine’s Day. You didn’t forget did you? It doesn’t matter – you’ve still got time to create a day your loved one will always remember. You don’t need to spend lots of money to make her or him feel special. But if you’re fresh out of original ideas, check out our [...]


  • The 2016 Men’s Style Trend Report

    Fashion is a funny thing – trends always seem to roll back around sooner or later, and 2016 will see its fair share of familiar styles. This is great news for hoarders who held onto their ‘vintage’ gear, but it’s also fun for those of us who weren’t there to enjoy certain eras and their [...]

  • The FORtheFIT Guide To New Year’s Resolutions (and getting into shape)

    As 2016 rolls around, our thoughts inevitably turn to how we can make this year better than the last. For many of us, this means setting ourselves challenges to improve in the coming year, whether in our personal or professional lives, or both. But just how can we make sure that we keep going with [...]

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  • How to wear your scarf with style

    When the temperature drops, it’s important to ensure that you’ve got the right clothing at hand. And no, I’m not talking about super soft pajamas so you can retreat from the outside world altogether and curl up on the sofa. Occasionally, at least, we all have to venture out into the elements, no matter how [...]

  • The Holiday Gift Guide 2015

    Are you ready for the holidays yet? If you’re anything like my Mom, you’ll have bought all of your gifts by July, wrapped them by the first of August – and come October, your festive foods have been planned and prepped (the woman is a superhero, I swear.) For the rest of us mere mortals, [...]


  • To Tuck or Not to Tuck – How To Wear Your Shirt With Style

    Do your shirts never seem to tuck in right? Or have you all but given up trying the casual untucked shirt style due to several fashion faux pas? Fear not, friends – I’ve got all the info you need to ensure that you look great in your shirts, whether they’re tucked in or untucked. Read [...]

  • What does your facial hair say about you?

    Facial hair styles are definitely having something of a moment right now. Men the world over are experimenting with weird and wonderful facial hair, which occasionally could be considered a work of art. But what does each style say about the man who’s wearing it? Of course, facial hair can be changed in an instant [...]


  • On Trend: How to maintain a beard

    Have you already joined the beard brigade? Or do you want to? Great! As with everything in the world of fashion and style, classic looks always roll around again eventually, and the beard is a great example. The past few years have seen an explosion in the number of men sporting beards, so much so [...]